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Guilherme Pinho

It must be innovative; we look to the past for inspiration and we look at its mistakes, but we must look forward to keep with today’s society. It must be artistic; we need to be inspired and moved in order for us to fashion new ideas and dreams. It must be fun; we may act as adults, but we yearn to be children again.

For me Architecture must encompass these ideals in order to be good Architecture. I do not look to a specific style in Architecture for inspiration; rather I use innovation, art, and fun to guide me to sculpt Architecture. Architecture is something that we experience every day, regardless if you like it or not. It is something that must be sculpted, it cannot be designed; it should take in all that nature gives to it; light, rain, wind, and dirt.

Architecture is a part of my soul and is my passion. I feel that Architecture is not just something for us to spend some time in; but rather Architecture is something that can change how we feel, act, think, and love. As an Architect, I feel that I have the chance to open people’s eyes to something that could express and have meaning and at times could even change ones way of life.